Simple Dock Stationary

Same metal hardware components of the floating dock, but with the addition of metal pipe holder brackets for support. Bracket receives 1-1/2" pipe, and can be set to desired height. Set screws on the dock bracket makes installing the pipe easier.

The Simple Stationary Dock is designed and manufactured to be an easy-to-assemble kit dock that is strong, customizable, and less expensive than other dock options. We offer a full line of dock accessories that make it easy to configure and fit a wide range of applications.

Stationary Dock comes in kit form - with or without decking. The kit consists of a ZAM® coated metal channel frame, one dock bracket, decking fasteners, and male/female articulating connection hardware or non-articulating connecting hardware. Ask our experienced staff about the range of options that allow one to tailor their dock kit to fit desired specifications including some composite decking options.

The Simple Floating Dock is sold in 10' and 20' lengths in 3', 4', and 6' widths.

S3-S3W - 3' x 10' kit for wood decking - $346.10
S3-S3C - 3' x 10' kit for composite decking - $405.92
S3-S4 - 4' x 10' kit for wood or composite - $412.56
S3-S6 - 6' x 10' kit for wood or composite - $488.02
*Additional decking surcharges may apply based on availability.

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