The Air-Dock lift is designed specifically for the PWC enthusiast and small watercraft user! Composed of two chambers laced together, our PWC lifts can be adjusted to fit the exact width you need. Internal guide chambers help to center your watercraft as you dock, and our easy-to-use control assembly allows you to quickly lift your watercraft on a cushion of air.

Size Small: 

Watercraft Max Length – 10’4”
Watercraft Max Width – 4’0”
Max Lifting Weight – 650 lbs.

Size Large: 
Watercraft Max Length – 11’ – 4”
Watercraft Max Width – 4’ – 0”
Max Lifting Weight – 900 lbs.

Size X-Large: 
Watercraft Max Length – 14’ – 0”
Watercraft Max Width – 6’ – 0”
Max Lifting Weight – 1,100 lbs.

Comes with a limited warranty.


Price changes with options selected above.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much water depth do I need?
    You only need enough water depth to float your boat. In fact, if your boat sinks a bit into soft mud the Air-Dock will sink down with it. When inflated, the air chamber's draft is significantly less that the boat's draft.
  • How much do they cost?
    The cost varies based on the size and style of your boat, and accessories that you might need based on your overall docking configuration. Contact us for a survey form so we can provide a quote.
  • How long to ship?
    We usually ship new boat lift orders withing two weeks depending on current inventory levels.
  • How hard is it to install?
    The Air-Dock is a self-install kit. We have thousands of customers who have installed it themselves. Our rule of thumb is anyone who is even "slightly handy" can install it. However, it does require a certain amount of time and effort. Please contact us if you have concerns about installing.
  • How long does it take to install?
    Installation times vary by application and by installers. A small, simple, application may take 3-4 hours but a large AirDock with a frame kit may take a full day, or more. We recommend two installers to aid in the assembly and launching processes.
  • Are they affected by salt water?
    Salt water does not harm nor deteriorate the Air-Dock boat lift. Barnacles will grow on the bottom surface but do not affect its operation. The barnacles can be removed with a variety of scraping tools. They come off easiest when still in the water or immediately after removing.
  • Does the Air-Dock work with inboard and V-Drive boats?
    Yes. We usually include a heavy duty protective reinforced rubber matt to protect the air chambers from the tracking fins on most of these boats. Also, there is a space at the stern end to accommodate the shaft and prop.
  • How long do they last?
    We expect Air-Docks to last 15-20 years and we have customers who have used them for 20 years. Other uses of a very similar Elvaloy membrane, such as commercial roofs, are known to last well over 30 years.
  • What about freezing water? Do I have to remove it for the winter?
    Whether or not you remove it for the winter depends on a few things. If you remove your boat for the winter, we recommend removing the Air-Dock at the same time. Like with the boat itself when left alone, things can get damaged in windstorms, ropes can come untied, etc. A thin layer of ice does not affect the operation of the Air-Dock. However, If you expect a "hard freeze" (such that you can walk on the ice) then we recommend removing the Air-Dock. But if you want to leave the boat on it we recommend using bubblers or ice-eaters to prevent the water from freezing around it. We also recommend being able to keep an eye on things. Like leaving your boat there without a lift, things can happen that need to be attended to.
  • What if I get a leak?
    Leaks can happen, but are usually rare and avoidable. Most leaks are patchable and each Air-Dock comes with a patch kit. Most leaks are caused by the air chambers rubbing on the dock or other structure. We will check to see if your docking space is wide enough and the rest is up to the user to secure the boat and protect it from rubbing. In narrow spaces, some users attached boat fenders horizontally to the sides of the air chambers for extra protection.
  • Can I replace only one air chamber if necessary?
    Yes, we sell individual air chambers, parts, and full kits based off our customer's needs.
  • Is there a remote control?
    We just don't see a need for it. Once you lower the boat and go out on the water you don't need to do anything with the Air-Dock until you have driven it back in.
  • Do we have a solar power option?
    We don't see a need for solar power equipment because the Air-Dock can be powered by a boat's 12 volt DC battery with the use of our optional battery inverter.