Boat Lift Retreat Dock


Safe Haven Systems provide easy and effortless access to the water. They are manufactured using only state of the art materials to ensure the highest levels of quality and durability. The outer shell is molded linear low-density polyethylene. Translation... this material is extremely impact and weather resistant. Also, we use light colors for our outer shell, making the systems kind to bare feet. In addition, our docking systems offer unsurpassed stability when launching, docking, or walking around on the spacious non-skid deck.

Price includes floating or stationary dock connection hardware

Dimensions: 12’x7’platform - Max working load 2000 lbs


  • Easiest boatlift to operate
  • Unsinkable, foam filled
  • Non skid deck
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • A perfect fit for most types of watercraft
  • Floats with tide or water level changes
  • Side and Front Mount
  • Tail extensions have multiple replaceable bunk sizes available
  • Optional Solar Hybrid
  • 8-year limited warranty

  • Note: Price changes with options selected above

    All dimensions and drawings are for illustration purposes only.  Some actual dimensions may vary slightly from what is shown.

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