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American Muscle Docks and Fabrication LLC® aims to be the standard in manufacturing boat docks, hardware, and gangways. As one of the most experienced dock companies out there, we have an extensive history in the industry. Our company uses innovative techniques and excellent dock building supplies to give customers a unique and superior product. We build everything with the attitude of letting our product speak for itself. Our boat docks are strong and will give people the peace of mind they need. We offer boat docks in various shapes and sizes—we even have different building material options. What’s more, our dock building supplies make it easier for folks to construct the structures themselves. As one of the leading dock companies out there, we never want to leave anyone stranded in the building process. Rather, we provide as much information as we can to make the process as smooth as possible. So check out our dock supplies today—you won’t be disappointed.

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Inflatable Docks Not your average inflatable dock. Our Inflatable Muscle Air Dock creates a floating platform on the water, allowing for endless possibilities. This inflatable boat dock can be used to launch from, work off of, or to simply hang out and relax with friends and family. Made with premium-grade...
Barbell Dock Cleat Barbell Dock Cleat

AMD has created a dock cleat representing the strength of our products. This unique steel Barbell dock cleat will reduce the chance of your dock line slipping off and will set your cleats apart from the standard design. Attaches with 3/8” hex head bolt  Total length = 10.5” Weight 3.10...

SUPPORT 2' x 3' x 12" - 250 lbs. 2' x 3' x 16" - 340 lbs. WEIGHT2' x 3' x 12" - 33 lbs.2' x 3' x 16" - 37 lbs. This product has a FIFTEEN-YEAR Warranty CLICK HERE for details on the warranty

2' x 4' AMD float drum in size options ranging from 12" to 24" heights Black is the standard float color. All buoyancy ratings have been tank tested. All AMD Floats outer shells are manufactured from 100% Virgin Prime Grade Polyethylene, filled with molded in-place 100% Virgin 1pcf Expanded Polystyrene....

American Muscle Docks Steel Truss Frames are constructed from 1.5" x 1.5" x 3/16" steel angle separated by 1/2" diagonal round bar to create a rigid box frame. Corner gussets are added to the four top corners to provide additional strength. We prepunch holes in the sides and ends to...

Straight ladder with hoop handles Available size options range from three to seven steps Wide Step options available NOTE: Price changes depending on size selected > Ladder Dimensions Diagram

Our residential Kayak Launch Dock is perfect for mounting beside your floating or stationary dock in order to create an easier and safer way to enter and exit your kayak, canoe, or other non-powered watercraft. Kayak kit comes with (4) low-profile 8” tall float drums, aluminum subframe, aluminum grab rail,...

External hoop pile guide with a rubber roller. Available size options range from 10" to 18" sizes. Price changes depending on the size selected. 1/4” galvanized steel bracket 4”x4” inside bend  Schedule 40 pipe  1 1/2” diameter  Stub shafts welded to bracket are  1 3/8” thick by 3” long (...