American Muscle Docks offers two different types of decking options.
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Endeck® Loves Water, it can Even Float!

Whether you are in salt water climates or inland near lakes and streams, Endeck will provide a gorgeous textured slip resistant deck, dock, boardwalk, or marina for the ultimate enjoyment without the hassles of maintenance.

What typically destroys wood and composite decking creating mold, mildew, warping, and decay, will not damage Endeck decking which is virtually unaffected by moisture and will keep looking great year after year.


Eco-Friendly Bamboo Decking

Bamking is the world's leading innovator in natural bamboo products for outdoor use. Using a patented treatment process, Bamking has created the only pure bamboo deck and dock materials used in the market today.

Bamboo decking, with it's natural beauty and high durability, is far superior to most wood or composite decking options. Bamking specializes in pure Moso bamboo, which is becoming the preferred alternative for decking.