Simple Dock Series


The Simple Dock Series of floating docks, stationary docks,and ramps are all designed and manufactured to be a simplified solution to a variety of marina and residential docking needs. Our goal was to create the most effortless and strongest bolt-together, metal box frame kit system that takes time and guess work out of constructing a frame structure for docks, walkways, and ramps.

Our 6" lightweight low-profile bolt together frame utilizes self-squaring cross arms that provide support and make constructing the frame less time consuming. Simply add decking for ramps or stationary dock sections and floats for floating dock sections, and you are ready to install your system for what will become many years of reliable waterfront access. All products in the Simple Dock Series were designed with an emphasis on saving the customer time and money as they enjoy the simplicity, speed, and strength of this system.


TOOLS NEEDED: Tape measure, C-Clamps, 9/16" wrench for frame bolts, drill with #3 Square head drive for decking, and drill with 3/8" socket for float fasteners.

› Metal frame side sections come partially assembled with corners and cross braces.

› Connect and tighten side sections together using a 9/16" wrench.

› After tightening bolts, the frame will form a rigid box system.

› For floating docks, evenly space floats from outside edge to center.

› Attach float drums to one side of the frame using the included self-drilling/tapping fasteners (four fasteners per float).

› Once you have securely attached the floats, flip the dock section over, and it's ready for decking.

› Decking attaches directly to the metal frame by self-drilling/tapping screws.

› Pre-cut lumber kits are available through American Muscle Docks OR you can purchase from your local lumber yard.

› A heavy-duty electric drill is recommended for float and decking installation.

Available in 3', 4', 6', and 8' widths by increments of 10' long.

Standard swim float kit is an 8' x 10' platform

$  Pricing is subject to anchoring attachments and shipping location. Please call 800-223-3444 for a quote today.