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Stationary Dock Support Stationary Dock Support

38" Stationary Drum Support (pair) for Follansbee Blue Dock
Auger Auger

Makes the job of anchoring and installing much easier. Made from cast aluminum. Fits with 1 1/2" pipe, and fastens with 3/8" bolt Weight:  1.50 LBS
Mud Pad Mud Pad

Mud Pad goes on the end of 1.50" Schedule 10 pipe and allows mooring poles to sit on the muddy bottom. Can be used as supports or for extra footing. Sold individually. 

from $4.50
Securely attaches your 1.5" pipe upright to the dock framing. Use these and our handrail fittings and 1.5" pipe to make handrail. Pipe sold separately. Weight:  3.00 LBS - Pipe Holder with Set Screws Weight:  1.00 LBS - Backup Plate WD-B Use with 1-1/2" Pipe Sold individually.