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F-CB515 F-CB385
Used with wood dock hardware and Simple Dock components1/2" Standard and Heavy Duty hardware3/8" Simple Dock hardware Comes with bolt, flat washer, and nut

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F-PIN34 F-HC16
Connector Pin and Hitch Clip available in various sizes. Hitch Clip and Flat Washer also sold separately in drop down menu below. F-PIN34 is used with Residential and Standard hardware F-PIN36 is used with Heavy Duty hardware F-PIN34 3/4" x 4" HDG Connector Pin & Hitch Clip F-PIN36 3/4" x...

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F-HB515 F-SHB51625
Comes with bolt, flat washer, and nut. Used for Steel Truss Frames and Steel Truss Hardware to attach hardware to steel frames, frame to frame, float to frame, and cleat to dock. F-HB515 is used for connecting truss frames. F-SHB51625 Hex Cap Bolt (Stainless) is used for connecting hoops to...

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Comes with bolt and washer Used to attach floats to wood docks F-LB2H   -   3/8" x 2" HDG Lag Bolt Set F-LB3H   -   3/8" x 3" HDG Lag Bolt Set F-LB4H   -   3/8" x 4" HDG Lag Bolt Set F-LB5H   -   3/8" x...
Hex Head Washer Screw Hex Head Washer Screw

Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping 1-1/2" Galvanized Hex Head Washer Screw Used for Muscle Flange mount float drum installation to Truss Frames Used for Steel Truss Hardware

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1.5" Stainless Ring Shank Oversize Head Nail - sold as a bag 1" S.S. #2 Square/Phillips Recess Drive - sold as a bag Used to attach rubrail, corner bumpers, and piling caps Sold as 30 count bag. Rule of thumb: 1 bag per 10' piece of rubrail F-RNB   -...
Self-Tapping P-Head Deck Screw Self-Tapping P-Head Deck Screw

Galvanized Self-Tapping P-Head Screw Used for truss frames Larger, stronger option for attaching lumber directly to steel

Used to attach decking to wood nailers or stringers • Stainless Steel for saltwater applications • Galvanized for pressure-treated lumber • Epoxy-coated is for composite decking F-DSWW - Wood to WoodStainless No. 10 Sq. Drive (#3) Deck Screw 3”Self Drill & Tap: No F-PLUS - Wood to WoodStainless No. 14 Sq. Drive (#3) Deck Screw 3”Self Drill...

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F-HB345S F-HB347S
Comes with bolt and nut, washer sold separately. Stainless Hex Head Bolt & Nylon Lock Nut Used for Non-Articulating Wood Dock Hardware
Stainless Hoop Bolt Set Stainless Hoop Bolt Set

Stainless hex bolt and lock nut used for all pile hoops Size: 5/16"x 2 1/2" Comes as a set with bolt and nut