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Our dock cleats make it easy for you to temporarily moor a boat. Our boat dock cleats give you a place to leave your boat so that it doesn’t drift away or bump into anything. We have several kinds of dock cleats that can simply attach to your dock. These items are made from galvanized steel, so they’re super durable, and they won’t break when you need them most. We have differently shaped dock cleats depending on what you need, and we also have retractable choices. Our boat cleats will ensure everything stays intact, even if water conditions get a little crazy. Take a look at our collection today.

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C-8-M C-14-M
Our cleats are made from malleable iron and are hot-dipped galvanized. The 8" steel cleat uses a 5/16" bolt.The 10" and 12" steel cleats use a 3/8" bolt.The 14" steel cleat uses a 1/2" bolt.C-6-M - 6" Steel Cleat - 1.00 LBSC-8-M - 8" Steel Cleat - 1.50 LBSC-10-M - 10"...

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C-8-SC C-15-SC
Our cleats are made from malleable iron and are hot-dipped galvanized. This is a heavy-duty option compared to standard steel cleats. The 8" and 10" Ship Cleats use a 1/2" bolt, The 12" Ship Cleat uses a 5/8" bolt, and the 15" Ship Cleats use a 3/4" bolt. C-8-SC -...
Cleat Seat Retractable Dock Cleat Cleat Seat Retractable Dock Cleat

The Cleat Seat Retractable Dock Cleat is the cleat seat that won’t hurt your feet! The Cleat Seat provides the convenience of a dock cleat without the stubbed toes that often come along with them. This sturdy 6.5 inch x 10 inch dock cleat features a 2.75 inch high cleat...
Barbell Dock Cleat Barbell Dock Cleat

AMD has created a dock cleat representing the strength of our products. This unique steel Barbell dock cleat will reduce the chance of your dock line slipping off and will set your cleats apart from the standard design. Attaches with 3/8” hex head bolt  Total length = 10.5” Weight 3.10...