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Our steel dock frames are incredibly durable, and they’ll ensure the dock doesn’t move. The steel truss dock frames on our website are great investments because they’ll last for years to come. We pre-punch holes in our steel dock frames to make it easier for you to bolt them down. In addition, we added corner gussets to each of the four corners to provide additional support.

We also offer dock stabilizers with our dock truss frames. Our dock stabilizers ensure that nothing moves out of place so that you can get in and out of the water safely. Check out our selection today.

from $538.00
STF-210T STF-810T
American Muscle Docks Steel Truss Frames are constructed from 1.5" x 1.5" x 3/16" steel angle separated by 1/2" diagonal round bar to create a rigid box frame. Corner gussets are added to the four top corners to provide additional strength. We prepunch holes in the sides and ends to...

from $547.50
Our Full Taper Truss Frames are perfect for ramps. The frames are tapered from 12" to 5" and can have optional rollers. STF-310FT - 3'W x 10'L - $547.50 - 168 lbs. STF-410FT - 4'W x 10'L - $634.50 - 198 lbs. STF-510FT - 5'W x 10'L - $716.50 -...

from $263.50
Allows additional movement for greater water fluctuation. Designed for strength, these taper truss hinge connectors provide a smooth deck surface while allowing the dock to hinge up and down. The hinge is hot-dipped galvanized to ensure maximum service. Connects with wood dock male and female hardware (WD-TM and WD-TF) STF-H3...

from $188.50
Our welded truss Finger Deck Stabilizers really add stability to finger docks while providing a safe access onto the dock. Available in 3 ft. or 4 ft. sizes Weight:  48 LBS - 3 ft. Weight:  65 LBS - 4 ft. + TRUSS FRAME INFORMATION