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Our Full Taper Truss Frames are perfect for ramps. The frames are tapered from 12" to 5" and can have optional rollers. STF-310FT - 3'W x 10'L - 168 lbs. STF-410FT - 4'W x 10'L - 198 lbs. STF-610FT - 6'W x 10'L - 251 lbs. Optional UHMW Roller Assembly...

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STF-210T STF-810T
American Muscle Docks Steel Truss Frames are constructed from 1.5" x 1.5" x 3/16" steel angle separated by 1/2" diagonal round bar to create a rigid box frame. Corner gussets are added to the four top corners to provide additional strength. We prepunch holes in the sides and ends to...

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Allows additional movement for greater water fluctuation. Designed for strength, these taper truss hinge connectors provide a smooth deck surface while allowing the dock to hinge up and down. The hinge is hot-dipped galvanized to ensure maximum service. Connects with wood dock male and female hardware (WD-TM and WD-TF) STF-H3...

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Our welded truss Finger Deck Stabilizers really add stability to finger docks while providing a safe access onto the dock. Available in 3 ft. or 4 ft. sizes Weight:  48 LBS - 3 ft. Weight:  65 LBS - 4 ft. + TRUSS FRAME INFORMATION