Boat Dock Ramp Kits

The Simple Ramp is designed to be an easy-to-assemble boat dock ramp kit that is strong, customizable, and less expensive than other ramp options. It comes in a floating dock ramp kit or Stationary mooring connections, handrail, and accessories that make the Simple Ramp easy to configure to fit a range of applications.

Basic Boat Dock Ramp Kit Includes:
Frame, Rollers, Fasteners, and Connection Hardware

The Simple Ramp comes in kit form - with or without decking. The boat dock ramp kit consists of a ZAM® coated metal channel frame, rollers, decking, fasteners, and male/female shore connection hardware. Ask our experienced staff about the range of options that allow one to tailor their ramp kit to fit desired specifications; perhaps someone would like an aluminum gangway kit.

Patent No. US 10,017,230

Simple Ramp Kit
Simple Ramp Kit

Sold in 10', 20', or 30' lengths in either 3' or 4' widths.

S3-R3W - 3' x 10' kit for wood decking
S3-R3C - 3' x 10' kit for composite decking
S3-R4 - 4' x 10' kit for wood or composite
S3-3TP - 3 ft. Aluminum Transition Plate
S3-4TP - 4 ft. Aluminum Transition Plate

Splice Plate Hardware allows 10' frames to connect for desired ramp length, creating a solid structure.

Pre-punched holes in frame allow easy attachment for pipe holders, hand rail, and connecting hardware.

Simple Ramp Kit

Simple Ramp Kit