ZAM® Information

(Zinc, 6% Aluminum, 3% Magnesium Alloy Coated Steel)

This amazing product lasts longer in the most severe environments, provides built in cut edge rust protection, and promotes cost savings through less maintenance.

ZAM® uniquely presents a self healing, ecologically friendly alternative to other conventional metal coatings.

  • Exhibits exceptional alkaline resistance - even in direct contact with concrete and mortar.
  • A great substitute for much more costly stainless steel and aluminum
  • Your post dip batch coated products would be ideal candidates to convert to cost saving ZAM® coated sheet.

    ZAM® is produced to ASTM A1046 specifications and is used where the absolute best rust prevention and cut edge protection are needed.

    Key Features of ZAM®

  • Longer service life than other coated products
  • Cut edge rust protection - the hallmark feature of ZAM®
  • Thinner coating yet more protection - ecologically friendly
  • Excellent in severe environments - especially coastal and agricultural
  • Eliminates the need for post dip (batch) galvanizing
  • Superior formability due to coating characteristics
  • Cost savings through longer service life and reduced maintenance
  • Bridges the product gap between heavily coated galvanized and costly stainless steel