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Our well-constructed kayak docks make it easier for you to enter and exit canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks. Our kayak docks come with aluminum grab rails to make sure you can enter and exit safely. There’s also wooden decking next to the kayak docks for safer entrance. In addition, we have kayak launch cradles that allow you to easily store your kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. We have several different mounting accessories to ensure the device stays in place while you’re getting on and off.

American Muscle Docks wants to ensure your safety while you’re having fun on the water. Check out our selection of kayak docks today.

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Our residential Kayak Launch Dock is perfect for mounting beside your floating or stationary dock in order to create an easier and safer way to enter and exit your kayak, canoe, or other non-powered watercraft. Kayak kit comes with (4) low-profile 8” tall float drums, aluminum subframe, aluminum grab rail,...

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This connection system allows for connecting our kayak dock to your existing floating or stationary dock. Different styles and lengths are available to fit your application needs. Connecting arms are sold as a set. If you do not currently have the receivers for the kayak dock that the connecting arms...
Kayak Cradle Arm Kayak Cradle Arm

Our Cradle Arm offers a simple way to store your kayak, paddle board, or inflatable. Two mounting holes are drilled in the flat side allowing mounting to any surface. Pre-drilled securing holes are drilled for the use of a bungee cord or rope. KY-CA - $80 Comes with a set of two...