3 Helpful Dock Maintenance Tips To Remember

3 Helpful Dock Maintenance Tips To Remember

Spending time by the water is fulfilling and relaxing, especially when you have a boat dock to help you get your feet wet. Unfortunately, neglecting the structure can result in you losing valuable equipment and cutting your marine life short. Here are three helpful dock maintenance tips to remember.
Schedule Routine Cleans and Inspections
Boat docks see copious amounts of traffic, from being the first point of contact for a boating journey to housing recreational activities like suntanning and lounging. With increased foot traffic and usage comes the risk of your dock collecting dirt, grime, and debris.When cleaning the surface, consider the material to determine the proper cleaning techniques.

Cleaning Wood Docks

Typically, hardwood docks require deep cleans every one to two years. However, usage can dictate how often you wash your dock. Consider using a stiff brush and garden hose to remove dirt and grime from panels and deep crevices without damaging their integrity.

Afterward, sand down splinters and other rough edges that may hurt those walking down the structure. Staining and sealing after cleaning can preserve the wood and boost its natural appeal.

Cleaning Metal Docks

Use mild dish soap, water, and a non-abrasive cloth to remove stains on metal docks. Vinegar solutions with equal parts vinegar and distilled water react with the metal to allow easier grime and dirt removal.

You can also use baking soda solutions to get the job done on galvanized boat docks; however, avoid using ammonia, bleach, and cleaners containing phosphates to prevent corroding. Remember to sand, prime, and paint any rusting areas as you spot them.

Schedule Inspections

We get it; life isn’t always an easygoing feat by the water. Having a dock on your property requires diligence if you want to preserve its lifespan.

Schedule inspections by adding a calendar notification on your phone, writing it down on a notepad, or anywhere you frequent to remind you to inspect loose boards, nails, and other structural issues.

Avoid Temporary Repairs

Temporary repairs provide temporary solutions that may exacerbate concerns you notice on your dock.

For example, if you notice a loose nail and don’t have the proper tools to repair it, avoid quick fixes like indoor fasteners as solutions. You want to get the job done correctly the first time to prevent the need for costly repairs in the future.

Consider Protective Equipment

Surprisingly, boats can pose a threat to your dock as well! Waves come ashore and winds can throw vessels around. To mitigate the damaging effects of a watercraft, consider investing in rub rails and bumpers.

These accessories come in various makes and materials to prevent boats from bouncing around and destroying property.

Remembering these dock maintenance tips can help you preserve its lifespan and usage to continue your marine adventures. For more information on your waterfront accessory needs, check our American Muscle Docks and Fabrication website.

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