Which Floating Dock System is Right for You?

When purchasing a dock system sometimes it can be overwhelming on what may fit your application best. The key thing to remember is “Not all floating boat docks are created equal”. There are many companies out there that offer different dock solutions, and to make sure you are getting the most for your money you need to educate yourself on this process making sure to compare apples-to-apples. Below is a quick guide that will give you some insight as to what you need and what to look for when asking around for pricing.
Steel Truss docks are designed for maximum strength. They generally offer a higher 12" frame profile, which is good for applications with larger/taller boats, rougher water, or anywhere you may be concerned other dock systems may not hold up to the rough conditions. Although many different Steel Truss frames may look similar, be sure that the frame you are buying offers horizontal and vertical angle supports, diagonal supports, corner gussets, and that the frame is mitered and seam welded. Many companies will take short cuts and lessen the steel that is used when making truss frames, so remember More Steel = More Strength".
Pressure-Treated Wood Docks are the most commonly used system. Wood framing gives you the ability to build a wide variety of sizes to best fit your docking needs. The beauty of a wood framed dock is its ability to flex and withstand heavy salt water applications, allowing for use in rougher waters. There are a variety of treatment options available to meet a range of specifications.

Nominal 2" x 8" and 2" x 10" wood framing is typically used when constructing wood dock frames. Be sure to understand what type of wood dock hardware is being used to construct your dock. You will want hardware that has been hot-dipped galvanized coated or stainless steel. Hot-dipped galvanizing is superior to painting and electroplating. Remember that not all companies use the same thickness or grade of material in their framing hardware and connecting tabs. Be sure to ask these questions to make sure you are getting the most for your money.
Lightweight aluminum docks are a good choice for lake applications and where seasonal removal is necessary. We offer marine grade rust-free 6063-T6 aluminum with horizontal supports and gusseted corners. Regardless of what dock system, the necessary flotation is crititcal for stability and safety. Some companies will lessen the flotation to decrease their cost, thus making the dock less stable.
Steel C-Channel Simple Docks® are the strongest dock it on the market and a great alternative to the Wood and Steel dock systems. Our Steel C-Channel galvanized dock utilizes a 6" low-profile box frame system with gusseted corner brackets and cross bracing. Simple Docks are designed to make constructing easier and less time consuming for many different water applications. Docks can be ordered fully assembled, or you can purchase a kit that requires you to simply fasten floats to one side and decking to the other.

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