Dock Lighting

Dock Lighting can make your dock incredibly unique! American Muscle Docks first installed the Dock Flash® Lighting on a local restaurant dock. Because of it's vibrant shine at night and reflection off of the water, customers were instantly drawn to the new attraction. The red glow is visible at night from miles away. The extra attention brought people from all over to see the lighted dock, as well as new customers traveling by boat.

HOW IT WORKS: Having a new dock built by AM Docks? Just mention that you're interested in our Dock Flash
® Lighting, and our experts will let you know the available colors and options. Our custom-made water resistant lighting strips are securely fastened to the dock in a method that keeps them safely out of the way and hidden during the day. Once you receive your new dock, just simply plug it into a power source, and watch it glow!

Attract new customers   -   Impress your friends   -   Stand out from the crowd