3 Safe Ways To Successfully Launch Your Kayak

3 Safe Ways To Successfully Launch Your Kayak
Kayaking is one of the most interesting sports a person can do. On the one hand, there’s nothing more calming than drifting along the lake on a hot summer day. Conversely, it can also be quite the workout. Whether you want to do something tranquil or break a sweat, you should read about these three safe ways to successfully launch your kayak.

What Are Your Options?

Believe it or not, there are several ways you can enter a kayak. One option is to enter from the shoreline. Here, you’ll place your kayak in the shallow part of the water. Then, place one of the paddles under the deck line of the kayak, so it doesn’t move. Finally, place your butt into the cockpit and adjust until you’re settled. Entering a kayak from the shoreline can be challenging because there’s nothing to hold it steady, and you must be careful, so it doesn’t drift away.

Another safe way to successfully launch your kayak is to do so from a dock. Here, you can attach something to your boat dock that helps you get into the kayak safely. Instead of loosely entering the water without a grip, place your foot in the kayak while the other remains on the dock. Additionally, you can place the paddle on the dock instead of the kayak itself, so there’s less chance it’ll fall.

What Are Floating Kayak Launches?

Floating kayak launches are arguably the safest way to get onto a kayak. These items contain two boards, one on each side. There’s a metal bar in the middle that you can grab for extra security. American Muscle Docks and Fabrication has some of the best floating kayak launches in the business. We’ve expertly designed them so you can be safe when entering and exiting the water.

The Power of Momentum

Regardless of what method you use, you’ll need strength to launch your kayak. We here at American Muscle Docks and Fabrication believe launching is a bit easier when you have a tool to assist you. Using the bar, you can push yourself forward until you can start paddling in the water.

Summer is on the horizon. Typical seasonal activities like grilling and swimming can easily become less-than-thrilling and monotonous. So, give kayaking a try if you want to spice up your calendar. As long as you know how to safely launch yourself into the water, it should be smooth sailing.

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