5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Jet Ski

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Jet Ski

When it comes to thrills, you can almost always expect jet skis to deliver. Cruising the waterways on your personal watercraft introduces a level of freedom and possibility in the form of a genuinely worthy investment.

However, buying a watercraft can backfire if you’re not aware of the numerous factors to look into during your search, especially if you’re new to ownership. That said, here are five things to consider before buying your first jet ski.

Know Where You’ll Ride

Before buying your first jet ski, it’s best to know where you plan to have fun. Do you plan on using the craft in rivers and lakes? How do you feel about vast saltwater bodies?

Salt significantly corrodes jet skis, so if this is where you plan to ride, consider purchasing an option with a closed loop cooling system that prevents water from directly entering the engine.

Know the Desired Type and Size

There are various types and sizes of jet skis available that may suit your lifestyle and intentions. To clarify, single-rider and two-seater jet skis are most suitable for solo experiences or when riding with company.

On the other hand, there are three- and four-seaters along with standup options for those riding in groups or with more experience jet skiing.

Consider Your Insurance

Surprisingly, there are some states that don’t require insurance on a jet ski. However, it would help to have a separate policy for your personal watercraft that covers medical costs, injuries, and property damage.

Know What Accessories You’ll Need

Life jackets are vital pieces of equipment needed during each venture on the water. You may also want to purchase jet ski covers, dry bags, coolers, tow ropes, and tubes depending on how you plan to use your personal watercraft.

You could also bring fishing gear and waterproof equipment like speakers and phone cases to prevent damage to valuable items.

Consider Storage Locations

If you are planning to buy a jet ski, it’s important to know where you’ll keep the watercraft during the off-season. It’s worth noting that keeping your jet ski in water isn’t the best idea if you want to extend its usable life.

Instead, consider keeping your personal watercraft in a shed or storage unit to keep it dry. In this regard, it helps to have a jet ski lift that keeps your watercraft out of the water while not in use. Prolonged exposure can damage your investment, increasing the likelihood of repairs. If you plan to rent a space at a recreation area or marina, factor in costs and insurance.

During these last few summer months, you’re more likely to get the itch to buy your first watercraft. However, you should consider these things before buying your first jet ski to ensure you don’t get caught up in all the bells and whistles.

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