The Best Ways To Store Your Kayak at Home

The Best Ways To Store Your Kayak at Home

Their robust structure and bulky frame make kayaks challenging to store. But you’re not one to back out of a challenge! Check out the best ways to store your kayak at home to keep it in great shape.

Prepping for Storage

When prepping your kayak for storage during the offseason, ensure you first clean the craft thoroughly. A well-used vessel will have accumulated a considerable amount of dirt, grime, insects, and residue, so cleaning it will keep it in good condition during storage and mean less work when next summer rolls around.

  • Fabric Removal: Start by removing the seat cushions and storage compartments. Run them through a cycle in the washing machine and allow them to dry.
  • Washing and Rinsing: Spray your kayak down with a mild detergent and water mixture. You’ll want to buff the suds into the boat using a scrubbing brush before rinsing with water.
  • Drainage: Drain the kayak by opening the drainage plug. Ensure no water remains in the vessel.
  • Drying: Lastly, allow the kayak to dry in a sunny location, opening all storage spaces to ensure dryness.
Storing Outdoors

If you’re storing your watercraft near your kayak launch dock, remember that storage goes beyond wrapping the entire craft in a tarp and forgetting about it during the offseason. Moisture can travel underneath the tarp, resulting in poor conditions in the future.

Instead of wrapping your kayak tightly with a tarp, consider creating a sheltered area using the tarp and a PVC pipe. To protect the inside of the vessel, you’ll want to have a specially made cover that wraps around the kayak. Place several moisture-absorbing packing packets in before sealing the kayak.

Storing Indoors

If you prefer to store kayaks indoors, you should consider freeing up a designated spot in your garage or basement to convert into storage space. If you don't have enough space, you could rent a storage unit with temperature and humidity control.

Unstable environments can make your watercraft vulnerable to mold, mildew, and plastic cracking, resulting in damage.

Recommended Options

When storing your kayak, consider some of the following options:

  • Option #1: Hang the kayak upside down using bars or straps anchored to the ceiling. The straps should wrap around the entire craft and never attach directly to the handles or rudder.
  • Option #2: You can build or buy a rack to fit your vessels. The frame should allow you to place kayaks slightly tilted or upside down on even beams.
  • Option #3: Start by strapping the kayak to the wall in an upright position. Next, place the vessel's stern on a cushion on the ground. You'll then wrap some straps around the kayak and anchor them to a stud in the wall.
Final Thoughts

Whether you’re storing indoors or outdoors, you should avoid leaving a kayak on a flat surface for more than a few days. You also don't want to keep a craft right side up to prevent damage from excess weight.

Avoid placing kayaks on their hull for extended periods or their side without the proper support to maintain their structural integrity.

Now that you know some of the best ways to store your kayak at home, you can prevent unnecessary and unexpected damage from taking your watercraft out of commission. Please visit us at American Muscle Docks and Fabrication for more information on your boating and dock needs.

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