5 Fun Accessories You Should Add to Your Dock

5 Fun Accessories You Should Add to Your Dock


As the focal point of all waterfront activities, your residential dock serves a greater purpose outside the designated watercraft stationing area. A boat dock can double up as a lounging space for those wanting to soak in the warmth of the summer season, or as an ideal spot to set up a dive.

Regardless of your preferred activity, boat docks are versatile and add an additional recreational area to your property. However, you can further enhance your dock’s versatility by adding fun add-ons, thus making a significant difference in how you enjoy your free time by the water.

Continue reading below to learn more about five fun accessories you should add to your dock!

Watercraft Storage Racks

Most days out by the water consist of taking watercraft for a spin. However, when the waves subside and your arms grow tired of rowing, you want a place to keep vessels dry and damage-free. Storage racks provide convenient access for kayaks, paddleboards, and wakeboards.

Storage racks can keep areas clean and clear by providing kayakers and paddleboard enthusiasts with space to place their crafts dockside or over water. Storage racks can also include lifts that make watercraft easy to launch for a smoother experience.

Kayak Racks

While you can indeed DIY a kayak storage rack, you’ll want to purchase one instead. A storage system should have a high-quality build that evenly distributes watercraft weight. This essential quality mitigates the chance of bending over time.

Kayak racks typically support kayaks at different points to match their curve. High-quality frames should also be durable to withstand normal wear and tear and reduce maintenance costs.

Paddleboard Racks

Having a proper paddleboard storage system works similarly to the kayak rack in that it keeps craft away from the water, decreasing their chance of sustaining water damage. Some frames support one board, and others can hold multiple vessels.

You won’t have to remove the fins from the boards to ensure storage. Like kayak racks, these accessories will support different points of your paddleboard to ensure they don’t warp or bend over time.

Dock Lighting

The proper lighting can add to your lake aesthetic and save a life! Dock lighting is an essential accessory that doubles up as an appealing add-on to enhancing the look of your waterfront structure. Lighting can illuminate the area and signal obstacles for incoming boats and other vessels to help avoid crashes and incidents.

While it isn’t often that boats run into docks, when it happens, it can create significant damage and catapult a domino effect of consequences. If watercraft can’t see around your boat dock, there’s a higher risk of collision or a passenger falling off a pier and into the water.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar-powered lights rely on natural energy to activate their functionality. These types of lights may turn on by themselves as the dusk falls and turn off as dawn breaks. There won’t be a need for timers or manual controlling as they will do so on their own.

While it helps to install solar-powered lighting on docks that are subject to direct sunlight daily, you can still install this type of lighting if you own a shaded port. However, it would be best to choose a system with a large solar panel to set up in a bright area.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting is luminous and creates an appealing environmental effect. LED underwater lighting options are cost-effective and last for hours, establishing a fool-proof route so guests can see their footing.

This type of lighting also helps attract marine life, which is ideal for those who enjoy fishing. However, underwater lighting works best in transparent water environments, whereas you would need brighter illumination to penetrate through murky water.


A sturdy ladder is necessary to establish convenience and safety for all those using the dock. Like watercraft, ladders can shift positions when water fluctuations, so you’ll want a fixed option that withstands elements.


Stairs on your dock present a reliable option for those with mobility challenges, making the platform more accessible.

Stairs also come with a pet-friendly build and may have features like slip resistance to help guests avoid falls. This option has a greater chance of remaining level regardless of water movement.

Fixed Ladders

Fixed ladders permanently attach to a docking point to create substantial assistance for this entry and exit. You won't have to worry about joint weakness or defects; this option would require minimum maintenance.

Jet Ski Lifts

A jet ski lift allows enthusiasts to launch their watercraft without the hassle. An electric jet ski lift is a popular accessory with a good power configuration for private docks.

American Muscle Docks and Fabrication can supply you with your own electric jet ski lift that provides convenient storage for cleaning and fueling safely and efficiently.


As you spend more time outdoors and enjoy the warmth and sun, you’ll come to realize that you’ll need furniture to help you stay comfortable.

A boat dock is a prime location to enjoy the weather, so incorporating furniture that matches your style and allows you to entertain company would be in your best interest.


Benches are fantastic accessories for enjoying your time at the water when you’re not swimming or boating. They're also perfect for taking a break on or supervising guests between swims.


Greenery can help tie your outside aesthetic together. You can incorporate a few potted plants and align them along your seawall. Consider purchasing planters that match your palette and options that are heavy enough to help plants stay put on those windy days.

A boat dock is more than a parking area for watercraft; it serves as an ultimate space for entertainment and excitement. Adding fun accessories to your dock can transform the area into a more inviting and enjoyable space.

American Muscle Docks and Fabrication is your go-to location when looking for add-ons to spruce up your boat dock. You’ll find various visual enhancements that help create a one-of-a-kind area that represents your lifestyle on the water.



5 Fun Accessories You Should Add to Your Dock

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