Tips To Get Your Floating Dock Ready for the Summer

Tips To Get Your Floating Dock Ready for the Summer
Floating docks are the perfect gateway to a relaxing moment and incredible views. Ranging from the ideal diving spot to the go-to location to tether your canoe, these floating platforms are graceful, durable, and beautiful.

However, floating docks need tender love and care to survive everyday wear and tear. Here are some tips to get your floating dock ready for the summer.

Clean and Care

It’s standard for floating docks, decks, and additional waterfront structures to see more use as we ease into the warmer months. You'll want to approach the cleaning and care method differently than you would during an off-season period.

It may be tempting to leave the dirty work to those summer storms, but your platform will thank you after its routine washes. You'll want to wash off accumulating debris like sand, dirt, and grime since these particles can eat away at your dock’s integrity.

Consider keeping an eye out for changes in structural condition. Check for board warping or discoloration that could damage your floating dock down the line.

Preventive Measures

Given their constant contact with water, your floating docks should be of high quality, water-resistant and impact-resistant. For plastic floating platforms, remember to inspect all sides for dents or damage that could impact their use. For wood floating docks, tighten loose screws to secure them and apply sealant.

Inspect the dock’s anchoring system for frayed or rusted cables. Examine pulley blocks, clevis pins, and spud holes for any defects.

Summer Fun

After all the prim and prep, the party begins! Consider incorporating several accessories to crank up the summer fun. You can add an umbrella to provide shade, folding chairs and tables to bask in the sun, and a portable fan to keep you cool during these scorching days.

Sure, maintenance may be tedious, but given the beautiful weather, why not get started getting your home summertime ready? You can use these tips to get your floating dock ready for the summer season and transform it into the ideal hotspot.

Floating docks provide a balance of convenience, style, and fun. At American Muscle Docks and Fabrication, we can help you build the ideal composite floating dock using sturdy, dependable material. Feel free to explore our product pages today!

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