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Barbell Dock Cleat Barbell Dock Cleat

AMD has created a dock cleat representing the strength of our products. This unique steel Barbell dock cleat will reduce the chance of your dock line slipping off and will set your cleats apart from the standard design. Attaches with 3/8” hex head bolt  Total length = 10.5” Weight 3.10...
Cabela's Cabela's

Boat dock built for Cabela's in Wheeling, WV.

from $12.00
C-8-M C-14-M
Our cleats are made from malleable iron and are hot-dipped galvanized.  The 8" Steel Cleat uses a 5/16" bolt, and the 10" and 12" Steel Cleats use a 3/8" bolt. C-6-M - 6" Steel Cleat - 1.00 LBSC-8-M - 8" Steel Cleat - 1.50 LBSC-10-M - 10" Steel Cleat -...

from $21.00
C-8-SC C-15-SC
Our cleats are made from malleable iron and are hot-dipped galvanized. This is a heavy-duty option compared to standard steel cleats. The 8" and 10" Ship Cleats use a 1/2" bolt, The 12" Ship Cleat uses a 5/8" bolt, and the 15" Ship Cleats use a 3/4" bolt. C-8-SC -...
Cleat Seat Retractable Dock Cleat Cleat Seat Retractable Dock Cleat

The Cleat Seat Retractable Dock Cleat is the cleat seat that won’t hurt your feet! The Cleat Seat provides the convenience of a dock cleat without the stubbed toes that often come along with them. This sturdy 6.5 inch x 10 inch dock cleat features a 2.75 inch high cleat...
Dock Building Dock Building

Dock Building - American Muscle Docks photo gallery of the boat dock building process
Dock Flash® Dock Flash®

Examples of Custom Dock Flash® including dock siding, dock lighting, FlashCards, custom piling caps, aluminum signs, and custom vinyl printing.
Dock Hardware Dock Hardware

Photos of AM Docks hardware in use

from $33.00
Replacement and custom parts available. Longer galvanized pipe lengths available. Please Call.
Float Drum Repair Sticks Float Drum Repair Sticks

These handy Float Drum Repair Sticks makes repairing scratches, gouges, cracks, and small punctures fast and easy. The polyethylene repair sticks offer the same resistance to gas, oil, saltwater, and most chemicals as do our polyethylene float drums. The repair sticks are designed to be used with a standard glue...
Haddad Riverfront Park Haddad Riverfront Park

Boat dock build for Haddad Riverfront Park in Charleston, WV. Job includes handrail, Flash Siding, Flash Cards, custom piling caps.

from $23.00
Our fittings take the guesswork out of making handrail. Please call for more options.Galvanized cast iron slip-on fittings for Sch. 40 1.5" pipe (1.5" pipe measures 1.9" O.D.). Inside diameter of these fittings is 2". QC-ST - Short Tee - 1.2 lbs. QC-LT - Long Tee - 2.4 lbs. QC-E -...

from $499.00
Inflatable Docks Not your average inflatable dock. Our Inflatable Muscle Air Dock creates a floating platform on the water, allowing for endless possibilities. This inflatable boat dock can be used to launch from, work off of, or to simply hang out and relax with friends and family. Made with premium-grade...
Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication - American Muscle Docks photo gallery of fabrication work
Mr. Lifter - Jet Ski Lift Mr. Lifter - Jet Ski Lift

Photos of our Mr. Lifter jet ski lift. For more information, please CLICK HERE.
Mud Pad Mud Pad

Mud Pad goes on the end of 1.50" Schedule 10 pipe and allows mooring poles to sit on the muddy bottom. Can be used as supports or for extra footing. Sold individually. 
Muskingum Watershed District Muskingum Watershed District

Boat docks built for Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District in Ohio.

from $455.00
Our portable rig allows dog-jumping competitors the ability to practice more often at competition specifications, better preparing a dog for competition! SUPER-EASY ASSEMBLY - MUCH STRONGER THAN OTHER MODELS Rig was designed and manufactured to be a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-assemble/breakdown apparatus, that allows an owner to practice vertical jumping...
Ramps Ramps

Examples of Custom Flash including dock siding, dock lighting, FlashCards, custom piling caps, aluminum signs, and custom vinyl printing.

from $72.00
Simple Bench can be purchased with or without a backrest. The aluminum bench legs sit freestanding on the ground, or our pre-punched holes allow the bench to be fastened securely to any deck or concrete surface. Kit includes aluminum legs and fasteners. Lumber boards NOT included. Please use 2"x6"x4' boards.
Simple Dock® Simple Dock®

Photos of our Simple Dock® and Simple Dock Ramp®
Simple Picnic Table Frame Simple Picnic Table Frame

The Simple Picnic Table is simply our version of an easy-to-assemble table kit frame. Our main emphasis, while designing this frame, was to keep costs down, but offer a table frame that had the strength and accessibility of more expensive tables on the market. Kit is comprised of aluminum table...
Speed Retrieve Apparatus Speed Retrieve Apparatus

American Muscle Docks now has an aluminum speed retrieve apparatus that allows you to practice dog sport jumping at home. The apparatus consists of an adjustable aluminum riser assembly, pipe upright, large stable base, and is meant to be positioned right behind the end of the pool.   Arm adjustment allows...
Steel Truss Dock Steel Truss Dock

Steel Truss Dock - American Muscle Docks photo gallery of boat dock builds