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Non-Articulating Inside Corner Non-Articulating Inside Corner

Non-Articulating Inside Corners with corner gussets are used as an inside backup for the Outside Corner hardware. The corner gussets provide strength and helps reduce racking. Weight:  8.50 LBS Sold individually. 
Non-Articulating Backup Plate Non-Articulating Backup Plate

Backup Plates are used as a set to connect non-articulating finger docks into the side of main dock sections. Weight:  1.75 LBS Sold individually. 

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STF-210T STF-810T
American Muscle Docks Steel Truss Frames are constructed from 1.5" x 1.5" x 3/16" steel angle separated by 1/2" diagonal round bar to create a rigid box frame. Corner gussets are added to the four top corners to provide additional strength. We prepunch holes in the sides and ends to...

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Our Full Taper Truss Frames are perfect for ramps. The frames are tapered from 12" to 5" and can have optional rollers. STF-310FT - 3'W x 10'L - 168 lbs. STF-410FT - 4'W x 10'L - 198 lbs. STF-610FT - 6'W x 10'L - 251 lbs. Optional UHMW Roller Assembly...

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Our welded truss Finger Deck Stabilizers really add stability to finger docks while providing a safe access onto the dock. Available in 3 ft. or 4 ft. sizes Weight:  48 LBS - 3 ft. Weight:  65 LBS - 4 ft. + TRUSS FRAME INFORMATION
Finger Stabilizer Finger Stabilizer

The finger stabilizer is an inexpensive way to add stability to your finger dock. It extends 30" down the dock. Weight:  21 LBS - 30"

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Using our Male / Female Truss Hinge Connector Plates, truss dock sections can easily be hinged together. STF-TM - Male Plate - 5.3 lbs. STF-TF - Female Plate - 5.73 lbs. F-PIN36 - Connector Pin - 1.16 lbs. Also available in a Double Male/Female Plate option.

from $10.60
The double Male / Female plates allow you to pin truss dock sections together for easy installation and removal. STF-DTM - Male Plate - 6.67 lbs. STF-DTF - Female Plate - 7.32 lbs. F-PIN36 - Connector Pin - 1.16 lbs. Also available in a Standard Male/Female Plate option.
Steel Truss Pipe Holder 2 inch - Set Screws Steel Truss Pipe Holder 2 inch - Set Screws

These hot-dipped galvanized welded pipe holders (with set screws) are perfect for handrail and bolt directly to the truss frame. Use 1-1/2” pipe and Quick Clamps for handrail. Weight:  10.00 LBS Sold individually. 

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These hot-dipped galvanized welded pipe holders bolt directly to the truss frame. Uses 3" I.D. pipe for anchoring.  STF-PH3 - 3 inch - 9.7 lbs. STF-PH4 - 4 inch - 11.5 lbs. STF-PH5 - 5 inch - 16 lbs. Sold individually. 

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These two-piece hot-dipped galvanized welded pipe holders provide easy installation and removal of your dock. Four hex head bolt sets included. STF-PH3S - 3 inch - 18.88 lbs. STF-PH5S - 5 inch - 21.98 lbs. Sold individually. 

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F-CB515 F-CB385
Used with wood dock hardware and Simple Dock components1/2" Standard and Heavy Duty hardware3/8" Residential and Simple Dock hardware Comes with bolt, flat washer, and nut

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F-HB515 F-SHB51625
Comes with bolt, flat washer, and nut. Used for Steel Truss Frames and Steel Truss Hardware to attach hardware to steel frames, frame to frame, float to frame, and cleat to dock. F-HB515 is used for connecting truss frames. F-SHB51625 Hex Cap Bolt (Stainless) is used for connecting hoops to...

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F-HB345S F-HB347S
Comes with bolt and nut, washer sold separately. Stainless Hex Head Bolt & Nylon Lock Nut Used for Non-Articulating Wood Dock Hardware

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F-PIN34 F-HC16
Connector Pin and Hitch Clip available in various sizes. Hitch Clip and Flat Washer also sold separately in drop down menu below. F-PIN34 is used with Residential and Standard hardware F-PIN36 is used with Heavy Duty hardware F-PIN34 3/4" x 4" HDG Connector Pin & Hitch Clip F-PIN36 3/4" x...

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Comes with bolt and washer Used to attach floats to wood docks F-LB2H   -   3/8" x 2" HDG Lag Bolt Set F-LB3H   -   3/8" x 3" HDG Lag Bolt Set F-LB4H   -   3/8" x 4" HDG Lag Bolt Set F-LB5H   -   3/8" x...
Self-Tapping P-Head Deck Screw Self-Tapping P-Head Deck Screw

Galvanized Self-Tapping P-Head Screw Used for truss frames Larger, stronger option for attaching lumber directly to steel
Hex Head Washer Screw Hex Head Washer Screw

Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping 1-1/2" Galvanized Hex Head Washer Screw Used for Muscle Flange mount float drum installation to Truss Frames Used for Steel Truss Hardware

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Our fittings take the guesswork out of making handrail. Please call for more options.Galvanized cast iron slip-on fittings for Sch. 40 1.5" pipe (1.5" pipe measures 1.9" O.D.). Inside diameter of these fittings is 2". QC-ST - Short Tee - 1.2 lbs. QC-LT - Long Tee - 2.4 lbs. QC-E -...
Bracket 4 x 4 Bracket 4 x 4

Our 4x4 Bracket attaches a 4x4 wood upright securely to the docks framing. Perfect for handrail. (4x4 post not included) Weight:  5.25 LBS

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Securely attaches your 1.5" pipe upright to the dock framing. Use these and our handrail fittings and 1.5" pipe to make handrail. Pipe sold separately. Weight:  3.00 LBS - Pipe Holder with Set Screws Weight:  1.00 LBS - Backup Plate WD-B Use with 1-1/2" Pipe Sold individually. 

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Weight:  8.00 LBS - 3 inch Pipe Holder Weight:  2.00 LBS - Backup Plate Use with 1-1/2" or 2" Pipe Sold individually. 
Urethane Donut Spacer Urethane Donut Spacer

Used for non-articulating wood dock hardware.  Sold individually.

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Weight:  13.00 LBS - Split 3 inch Pipe Holder Weight:  4.00 LBS - Backup Plate Sold individually.